Point cloud navigation

Moving around the Point cloud

Using mouse

Hold the left mouse button to rotate the pointcloud and hold you middle mouse button(the button below the scroll wheel) to pan the pointcloud.

Using Keyboard shortcuts

Use the WASD keys to move around the pointcloud. Hold shift and press WASD keys to rotate the pointcloud.

Centering around a point

To quickly center the view around a particular point, hold ctrl and press the middle mouse button over the point.

Zooming in and out

Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out of the pointcloud.

Different camera views

You can quickly change the camera view to one of the preset views using the tools from the left sidebar. There are preset camera views for Center, top, behind, left and right angles.

Distance attenuation

With distance attenuation turned on, you will see fewer points when you are far away from them. As you zoom in, more and more points will be visible. This can be a very helpful trick to label large point clouds on older computers. It is turned on by default if the point cloud is large (>500K points).

Changing point size

To change the point size of the pointcloud, click on the point size tool in the left sidebar, and use the slider to adjust the point size.

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