A labeling task. Contains labels, images, annotation guide, images, workspace setting etc.

Tasks can be divided into labeling batches which can be assigned to users.

Visibility - Tasks belonging to a project are only visible to Admins, Project managers assigned to the project, and any user assigned to a batch that is part of the task.

Once created, images cannot be added/removed from the task. If you want to add more data, simply create another task with the new images within the same project.

Tasks can be in three modes

  1. In progress - A task stays in this mode until atleast one batch is moved to validation mode

  2. Validation - Once at-least one batch moves to validation.

  3. Completed - When all batches of the task have been completed.

Orphan Tasks Tasks that do not belong to any project. This can be a quick way to get started. These can also be used as training tasks because they are visible to the entire organization

Visibility - Orphan tasks are visible and accessible to everyone within an organization. For this reason, while they are powerful, they should be created with care.

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