Point cloud Segmentation

How to create segmentation objects on Lidar data using the Mindkosh annotation platform

Create a new segmentation object

To create a new segmentation object on a pointcloud, you can use the Lasso tool as described below.

  1. Choose a label for the object from the left sidebar.

  2. Select the Draw segmentation tool from the left sidebar.

  3. Hold the Right mouse button, and draw a rough outline around the points you want to select.

  4. A segmentation with the selected points is drawn.

Editing an existing segmentation object

  1. Select the object.

  2. Hold the Right mouse button, and draw a rough outline around the points you want to add to the object , or you want to remove from the object.

  3. The selected points will be highlighted in red. If you want to cancel the operation, press the ESC key

  4. With the points selected, the Add points and Remove points buttons will appear inside the object card in the right sidebar.

  5. Click on one of the buttons to update the segmentation.

Bottom views

The bottom views show top, side and front views of the segmentation object. You can zoom in or zoom out the points by using the scroll wheel.

Hide and filter points

When creating annotations for segmentation, it can be helpful to isolate and identify points assigned a certain label.

Highlight points By default, objects are colored with the color of their label. You can remove the color from the points by clicking on the eye icon of a particular label.

Filter points

To entirely hide the points of a certain label, click on the filter icon. This can be very helpful to annotate to adjacent classes. Once you have labeled an object, you can hide it and proceed with labeling the neighboring objects.

Note that to aid segmentation of point clouds, we also provide an Unclassified filter at the end of the label list. This will hide or show all un-labeled points.

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