Importing videos


Supported file format: MP4 Video encoding: H.264 (also referred to as AVC) Frame rate: <=30 FPS

We automatically convert video files with frame rates > 30 , to a frame rate of 30.

In addition, we convert all videos with resolution width >1280, to videos with width 1280, while preserving the aspect ratio. For eg. videos of resolution 1920x1080 will be converted to videos of resolution 1280x720.

When exporting annotations, we automatically scale the annotation co-ordinates, so that they match the original resolution.

Video size: Maximum file-size of a single video is 500MB. If your video is larger, break it down into smaller videos and upload them separately. There are 2 ways in which you can cut a video:

  1. Use a desktop software -there are many downloadable softwares that can cut videos. We recommend using lossless-cut. Here are the download links.*

  2. Use the ffmpeg command line tool -

Creating a task with Videos

To create a task with Video annotation, simply select Video in the Upload data step when creating a new task. Note that a task can only have 1 video.

Once the video upload is complete, you will see the progress on post-processing the video. At this stage (Once upload is complete), you can safely move away from the page, or even close the browser and the video processing will continue on the server. Once the processing is complete, you will see the task populated with batches.

Creating batches

When uploading the video, you can also specify the number of batches you want to divide your task into. This will equally divide the video to create batches. Each batch can then be assigned to your team-members.

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