1. Finish the batch - Mark the job as completed.

  2. Open task - Open the task the current batch is part of.

Save Save progress. Your work is automatically saved at small intervals. You can choose the interval in the settings scree.

View labeling guide Open labeling guide associated with the task.


  1. Next/previous buttons -- Go to the next or previous Image/Video frame

  2. Image number -- Go to the entered image/Video frame.

  3. Navigation behaviour -- Navigate between all images, or just images that have an issue attached to them.

Batch mode

  1. Label - this indicates whether the current batch is in Annotation, Validation or Completed mode.

  2. Submit for review/Complete batch button - Depending on what mode the current batch is in, this button allows you to move the batch to a new mode.

Annotation mode

  1. Classification

  2. Attribute Annotation


  1. User guide - Access this user guide.

  2. Start tour - start a virtual tour of the workspace.

  3. Contact us - Get in touch with us.


Close -- Close the annotation workspace and go to the task page.

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