Tools section

You can choose what tools to show in the section here, when creating the task. You can also edit an existing task to make such changes.

  1. Move - move image/labels

  2. Move image - move image only.

  3. Fit image to screen - Zoom the screen to fit it within the workspace.

  4. Rotate - rotate the image left/right. You can rotate all images in a job from the settings screen.

  5. Bounding box - Draw rectangular bounding boxes around objects.

  6. Polygon - draw polygons around object boundaries. To close the current shape, either click on an existing vertex in shape or press the "n" key. This tool is also used for marking segmentation boundaries.

  7. Cuboid - draw cuboids on the image. You can move individual faces of the cuboid by clicking on the face and moving it. To adjust the height, width and depth, move the edges of the cuboid.

  8. Keypoint - Draw keypoint on the image.

  9. Polyline - Draw polylines. To finish a polyline, click on an existing point or press 'n'.

Merge bounding boxes

The last tool available in the tools section is the Merge bounding boxes tool. This allows you to merge two or more bounding boxes of the same label into a single bounding box covering the area covered by all the merging boxes.

To use this tool:

  1. Select the label for which you would like to merge bounding boxes. All bounding boxes not of this label will be ignored.

  2. Click on the Merge bounding boxes tool button.

  3. This will create the new bounding box. Note that this also merges text and checkbox attribute values into the new bounding box's attribute. This means that this can be used for merging text entries for OCR.

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