Objects list

See how you can filter, copy, hide and do more with your annotated objects.

The Objects section in the right sidebar shows all labeled objects in the current image.

  1. The icon on the left side of each object card shows what kind of object it is - bounding box, polygon, cuboid etc

  2. You can also see the source of the annotation (Manual or automatic) as well as it's unique ID.

  3. Within each object card you can

    1. Update the label of the object.

    2. Hide/show the object.

    3. Lock/unlock editing of the object.

    4. Pin the card at the top of the list.

    5. Copy the object. Once copied, it can be pasted anywhere on the image by pressing ctrl + v

    6. Copy a link to the object. This can be shared with your team to quickly view the object.

    7. Delete the object

  4. Finally, you can also access the attributes, if you have added them.

Using filters

Filters are a powerful way to focus on annotation objects of interest. To gets started, click on the filter icon at the top of the right sidebar. This will bring up the filters window.

  1. Hover over the grey area at the center to bring up the Add rule button.

  2. Click on Add rule to add a new filter

  3. Choose what property you want to filter by:

    1. Label

    2. Shape - Rectangle(bounding box), polygon, polyline etc.

    3. Type (Track or single annotations)

    4. Width

    5. Height

    6. Attribute values

    7. Object ID

  4. Select how you want the values to be checked.

  5. Enter the desired value of the property.

  6. Click on Submit to apply the filter.

Filters are really powerful. Experiment with various settings to see what you can do with them!

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