How to easily manage your annotation team

Organizations in Mindkosh work similar to how workspaces work in slack.

You can be part of multiple organizations at once. Each organization is a separate entity and data from one organization cannot be accessed through another organization.

Note that subscriptions are also applied at the organization levels. For example, if you have a paid plan applied at Organization 1, other organizations will not be able to benefit from it, and will need separate plans.

At login you will be asked to choose the organization you want to log in to. Once logged in, you can switch between organizations at any time by using the organization dropdown in the left sidebar.

An organization is created for you when you create a new account on Mindkosh. This is your default organization. You can change your organization's name, invite new users or manage existing users in your organization by going to the Organization page from the left sidebar.

If you created your account through an invitation to an existing organization, you can activate your default organization, by going to your profile page through the user dropdown on the top right of the page.

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