Quality management

How to use Quality management tools on Mindkosh to create high quality datasets

When creating a task, you can choose what Quality levels you want to impose when annotating.

Every task will have at-least the Annotation(L1) mode. When completed, each batch can also be marked as completed.

In addition, you can add

  1. Validation mode (L2)

  2. Quality Check mode (L3)

You can choose to have any combination of these modes.

Checkout Permissionsto see which users can

  1. Access the batch to annotate.

  2. Move batches between different modes.

  3. Create reviews.


Users can use reviews to give feedback to the Assignees of a batch. Using a review, you can:

  1. Rate the annotation quality (On a scale of 10)

  2. Accept a batch. In this case the batch is marked complete.

  3. Reject the batch. In this case the batch moves back to the Annotation mode.

You can post multiple reviews as you perform Quality Check through various workflows. When creating a new review you can view all the reviews created on the batch.

You can also view the Review history directly from the task page, by clicking on the Review history button for the particular batch.

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