Customer Support

At Mindkosh, we make it a mission to make sure your experience using our platform is smooth. In case of an issue, we make sure to provide timely resolutions upon communication from users.

Support business hours

Support is available during normal business hours, which span from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Indian Standard Time on Monday through Saturday, with the exclusion of major Indian holidays.

Contacting us through Slack

You can join our slack channel using this invite link. If you receive a message saying the link is expired, send us an email at, and we will send you a new invite link.

Free users can post on the public channels and also chat one-on-one with other members. Paid users will have a private channel dedicated for them, and will get priority support.

Contacting us through Email

To get support for an issue you are facing, simply send us an email at . To make sure that we identify your issue quickly and can provide you with relevant support, specify the following information in the email.

  1. Account Email ID and organization name of the account that encountered the issue.

  2. Issue urgency

    1. High: I cannot use Mindkosh at all. (Example: you are unable to login, the app does not load etc).

    2. Medium: A particular feature is not working. (Example: Segmentation tool is not working properly).

    3. Low: I occasionally face issues using Mindkosh . (Example: Annotations are sometimes not shown properly). d. Very low: General query, suggestion or bug report.

  3. Relevant Screenshot If possible, please include relevant screenshots that can help explain the issue you are facing. A screen-record would be even better!

  4. Description Describe the issue in as much detail as possible so that we can quickly pin-point the issue and help you as soon as possible. If relevant, also include the time at which you started facing the issue.

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